This page gathers all our member's publications under the name "i2-HMR",

published in peer-reviewed international journals.

Papers are listed : from newer to older.


Forthcoming papers ...

We work hard for that (a real ants work).

Several papers to come :

i) experimental results (very soon)*,
ii) large review papers of the literature**.

We have several experimental collaborations currently underway : see Collaborations. Some preliminary accounts have been presented in Conferences (MH-2014, MH-2016, MH-2018) : see Events.

* On Oct. 18th 2020, two papers are under peer-reviewing process. The other papers are in preparation.
** in preparation.
extracted from the paper : JCMNS, 21 (2016) 26-39

Proton conductors : nanometric cavities, H2 precipitates under pressure, and Rydberg matter formation

JCMNS, 21 (2016) 26-39
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Our Institute was created just a few years ago ...

The kind of experimental investigations we are currently doing needs time before to be achieved and "transformed" into published papers.

The lack of funds and the fact that we don't have our own Lab, do not help too (we have research programs which desperately wait and that for years).

Therefore, the above photo illustrates perfectly the situation : we need time before to take off ; slow and steady wins the race ;)

Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash.

* : Photo by Viktor Smith from Pexels.

** : Photo by Daniel Jericó on Unsplash.