Metal-H systems : basic knowledge

This page gathers some important and inevitable
Reviews, Chapters, Books, Lessons, ...
about Metal-H systems.

With them in hands, you have the minimun fertile ground for future good and relevant contributions.
The long term goal of this page is to propose a useful library (clear and well organized) where general materials will be available, as well as materials on specific given subjects. Here, the objective is to centralize the information to limit any waste of time for the beginner.
Besides, we'd love to make available here the materials that was given during Summer Schools in previous M-H-Conference-series. We work on it.

Besides, a natural and logical evolution of this page will likely be participative :
strength is found through unity --> the more we are, the better it is --> with the aim of producing a substantial, relevant, reliable and well organized content.
This page is under construction ...
We just need time to insert, introduce and sort all the Books, Chapters, Reviews, etc ... we already have. And ... there are a lot ! A lot !
What you see below is just a very beginning : it's the minimum of the minimum of the minimum of the minimum of ... . In brief : the minimum.

Old general books : < 1970

Photo by N.A.

Hydrogen in Metals
D.P. Smith
367 pages

How to download it :
- go to the "LibGen" website,
- and enter "hydrogen in metals smith",
- bingo !
The version available in the LibGen website was scanned by The i2-HMR.

Metal Hydrides
W.M. Müller
J.P. Blackledge
G.G. Libowitz
795 pages

How to find this book :
DOI : 10.1016/C2013-0-12462-2

The Bible # 1 (general books) : "Hydrogen in Metals" three-volume set

Hydrogen in Metals I :
basic properties

Editors : G. Alefeld and J. Völkl
431 pages

How to find this book :
DOI : 10.1007/3-540-08705-2

Hydrogen in Metals II :
application-oriented properties

Editors : G. Alefeld and J. Völkl
404 pages

How to find this book :
DOI : 10.1007/3-540-08883-0

Hydrogen in Metals III :
properties and applications

Editor : H. Wipf
359 pages

How to find this book :

The Bible # 2 (general book) : "Fukai's Book"

The Metal-Hydrogen system :
basic bulk properties

Y. Fukai
2005 (2nd edition)
506 pages

How to find this book :
DOI : 10.1007/3-540-28883-X

The previous edition (1993) can be found here.

The next addition will be : general reviews papers (of smaller size than the above books).

R. Griessen's lessons will be also included, as well as reviews made by A. Pundt and R. Kirchheim, and many many many other things ...

N.B. : papers or chapters or books mentioned in this page can be downloaded via LibGen or Sci Hub.

History of
International Symposiums on
Metal - Hydrogen systems

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