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We continuously search for funds.

Fundamental Research requires substantial and regular budgets.
Even small supports can make the difference, especially if regular (small + small + small + ... = big).

Partly funded ...

Some experimental investigations are funded by donations (patrons) and European funds. Other general expenses are funded by donations (patrons).

But not enough ...

... to conduct substantial and long term Research Programs (which are the most important objectives). And not enough to pay us as well, so that we work as volunteers, but with passion and determination.

So we constinuously do search for funds ....

Voids in the literature.


Need funds
to fill the blancks in the literature

As illustrated, many (if not all) M-H systems such as the Pd-H system still have MAJOR voids in the knowledge of their basic properties (themselves and in dependence of H-to-M ratio and temperature as well). Some areas have been explored just slightly or even not at all. This situation is a permanent DANGER for the future, simply because a building with loose foundations is unstable.

The goal is to conduct systematic investigations to solve the problem, in the long term. Of course, review papers will be produced (literature state of the art).

Need substantial funds
to explore new ideas

For years (2013), we have accumulated strong indications that some long-standing and recent open-questions in the M-H field, regarding the Pd-H system for instance, are intrisincally connected (related).
Our Research Programs will check it (with a systematic approach).
If the plan comes together (i.e. works according the plan), this research will necessarily impact fields such as : H energy, H embrittlement, H storage, Electricity, Transport, ...
Patron ? Philanthropist ? Private donor ?
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These are 3 possible ways to do it :
i) in one shot : donate just once (the amount you wish).
ii) donate monthly : €2, €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500, €1000, €2000.
iii) donate via a classical bank transfer :
our IBAN is : FR76 1558 9636 0105 1848 3754 027

Your contribution will be acknowledged publically (if wished) :
: in the Acknowledgements page,
: in the final scientific publications.


Help needed from long-experienced researchers of the M-H field

If you're one of those, and are willing to contribute (with any kind of help), please don't hesistate to contact us !!!!
For instance, a matter of contribution might be : with the M-H systems page.

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