The Pd-H system

This page (under construction) is dedicated to the Pd-H system.

Thomas Graham (1805-1869)

Pioneer of the field "H in M" (the 1st "Hydrider" let says)
who discovered H absorption in Metals.
Specific post(s) will be made later about him and his work on H-in-M.
The objective of this page (in the long term) is to :
gather some key scientific knowledge about the Pd-H system,
for the benefit of researchers, engineers, students, etc ...
with the simple goal of saving time for the beginner.

The typical content of this page will include : short, medium and long reviews, books chapters, Students' Thesis, etc ... etc ... etc ...
Such a goal will obviously take a huuuuuuge time before to be achieved, so that this page will likely be "under construction" for a pretty long endless period.

First, we will give the various unavoidable general materials (from book to small review paper) which present a general overview of the acquired knowledge on this system, at given periods. Then, we will try to gather key materials (from big to small) on selected subjects, again for this specific M-H system, namely Pd-H,D,T. There are many properties to be addressed (mechanical, transport, thermodynamical, kinetics, etc ...). Amongst this ocean of properties, the SAV question (Super Abundant Vacancies) will be addressed, as we are particularily interested (for years) in this controversial question.

At the moment, this page is "managed" by Nicolas ARMANET, the i2-HMR's member whose work is exclusively focused on the Pd-H(D) system.
What you see below is the very beginning of this page.

Table of Content

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1) General Material

 1.a) F.A. Lewis' two famous books

    1.a.1) Lewis historical book (1967)

    1.a.2) Update of Lewis' historical book (2000)

 1.b) Two inevitable and good reviews

    1.b.1) The Palladium-Hydrogen system

    1.b.2) The H-Pd (Hydrogen-Palladium) system

.) ...

 ..a) ...

    ..a.1) Thermal properties for Pd Hydride and Deuteride (from 9 K to 270 K)

X) Special Collection

 X.1) Thomas Graham commemorative issue (1866 - 1966)

1) General Material

1.a) F.A. Lewis' two famous books :

1.a.1) Lewis' historical book
The Palladium Hydrogen system
Frederick Alastair Lewis
178 pages

How to download this book :
- go to the LibGen website,
- and enter "palladium hydrogen lewis",
- bingo !
The version available in the LibGen website was scanned by The i2-HMR.

Photo by N. Armanet

The paper under the 1967 red book is an appreciation made by Ted B. Flanagan in 2008 about F.A. Lewis (deceased in 2007). This appreciation can be found here. This paper is interesting for various reasons, including : Ted reviewed the major Lewis' contributions on Pd-H and its alloys.
F.A. Lewis made a gigantic amount of contributions on the Pd-H(D) system and its alloys. Specific post(s) will be made later for that.

1.a.2) Update of Lewis' historical book
Palladium Hydrogen system
F.A. Lewis, K. Kandasamy, and X.Q. Tong
234 pages

1.b) Two inevitable and good reviews

1.b.1) The Palladium-Hydrogen system
T.B. Flanagan and W.A. Oates
36 pages

How to download this review :
DOI : 10.1146/

An almost identical material was presented by T.B. Flanagan in 1989 at the EPRI-NSF Workshop on anomalous effects in Deuterided metals, Wasington D.C., USA, published in the proceedings* and can be found here below in the black box. This version is worth exploring for various reasons, notably it includes an interesting dialogue between Flanagan and some attendees such as R.A. Oriani, J.O'M. Bockris, ...

Besides, it is a great pity that dialogues between the speaker and attendees (during questions session) do not appear in the proceedings anymore (as it was apparently the case in the past).

* : The book of proceedings can be found in the ResearchGate profile of T.B. Flanagan : here.

1.b.2) The H-Pd (Hydrogen-Palladium) system
F.D. Manchester, A. San-Martin, and J.M. Pitre
22 pages

How to download this review :
DOI : 10.1007/BF02667685

.) ...

..a) ...

..a.1) Thermal properties for Pd Hydride and Deuteride (from 9 K to 270 K)

i) Thermal expansion and lattice anharmonicity of Pd-H and Pd-D alloys
R. Abbenseth and H. Wipf
J. Phys. F : Metal. Phys., 10 (1980) 353 - 366
DOI : 10.1088/0305-4608/10/3/006

ii) Contribution of optical phonons to the thermal expansion of Alpha'-PdHx and Alpha'-PdDx
H. Hemmes, B.M. Geerken and R. Griessen
J. Phys. F : Metal. Phys., 14 (1984) 2923 - 2933

DOI : 10.1088/0305-4608/14/12/014

--> if you think further references should be added, please keep us informed. Thanks !

X) Special Collection (kept at the bottom of this page) :

Thomas Graham commemorative issue :
1866 --> 1966
Guest Editor : T.B. Flanagan
62 pages

This is a special issue marking the centennial of the discovery by Thomas Graham of the phenomenon of the absorption of Hydrogen by Palladium.
This dedicated booklet is focused on the Pd-H(D) system (and some of its alloys). The i2-HMR is much grateful to Ted B. Flanagan for having sent us a hard copy of this issue, which we naturally scanned and made available in Lib Gen. Maybe the next commemoration will be in : 2066 ?! Who knows ...

How to download this book :
- go to the LibGen website,
- and enter "engelhard industries",
- bingo !

N.B. : papers / chapters / books mentioned in this page can be downloaded via LibGen or Sci Hub.