Pd : basic properties

This page gives some key data about Palladium (Pd) : which can be of great interest for those working with the Pd-H(D) system.
This page is under construction ...
Snapshot of the PGM Database website

Pd basic properties : the PGM general database

A treasure of data !
Dabase sponsored by :
- Anglo Platinum,
- Johnson Matthey,
- IPA.
Here's the website.

N.B. : on Dec. 10th, 2021, PGM's website is unreachable ; we have sent an email to Johnson Matthey to find out when it will be fixed.

Pd crystallographic properties : Arblaster's paper

J.W. Arblaster's paper, 2012, published in P.M.R..
Assessment of properties from absolute zero to the melting point. Here's the paper.

image from Wikipedia (cubic-face-centered), with some minor modifications
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The platinum metals and their alloys

R.F. Vines, E.M. Wise,
141 pages.

How to download it :
- go to the "LibGen" website,
- and enter "the platinum metals and their alloys",
- bingo !